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CXT Users, We've Got The Experience To Help!

Imagine your customers receiving timely information on where their packages are. Without taking up your staff's time.

Imagine receiving orders from customers. Without your staff typing them in.

Imagine the cost savings in generating manifests automatically. Without your staff getting involvedS.

Is your team spending too much time handling tasks that could be automated? Technology should support the operation.

Hunt for Solutions can help. We understand logistics and have been providing logistics solutions since 2016. We will work with your customers and vendors to identify and implement the best solutions.

  • Automatically generated reports that customers want and save you time and money
  • Integrations so packages can be tracked and customers can be accurately billed, reducing costs.
  • Reviewing how technology supports your operation can reveal opportunites for cost-savings.
  • Solutions for custom technology requests from your clients that will help retain them.

With the right intregrations, your team is spared from doing boring, repetitive tasks manually. Saving you money. Increasing customer responisveness.

With the right notifications, your customers will be alerted to order status. Automatically. Seamlessly.

Hunt for Solutions will work with you, your customers, and your vendors to seamlessly exchange order information without manual intervention. Saving you money.

Customers want to know where their packages are. Couriers need to know if packages are ready for pick-up. Hunt For Solutions can help with that.

If you are looking for custom reports or online displays, perhaps with maps and charts included, we can make it happen.

Technology should support the business goals. With a review and analysis of current operations and technology, opportunies may be found to get the job done better than before. Contact us at info@huntforsolutions.com to take the first steps.


Douglas Hunt, founder of Hunt For Solutions, first started working with CXT's suite of logistics products in 2014. His experience is available to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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